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The Psychoanalysis Clinic can help you have self-knowledge, awareness and balance in your life.


Established in 2011, under the name of Aconselhamento Online and re-branded on 1st January 2023 as The Psychoanalysis Clinic to cater English speaker analysands.

Founded by Simone Miranda, a psychoanalyst with an extensive training and practice in psychoanalytic techniques, whose aim is to provide comprehensive mental health services rooted in the Freudian and Lacanian psychoanalytic theory.

    Over the years, countless individuals have been helped to go through life’s challenges, develop insight, and foster meaningful change.



    The psychoanalytic framework is followed as well as listening attentively without being critical to promote self-knowledge, alleviate mental health issues, enhance self-esteem, facilitate inner understanding, and to encourage ongoing effects.

    Values & Beliefs


    Each person’s life journey is respected and not judged.

    Accept differences

    Diversity of human experience and culture are welcomed.

    Professional Knowledge

    Level of excellence and its use are constantly improved.

    therapy session

    At the Psychoanalysis Clinic, people suffering from emotional, behavioural, and psychological problems are treated with the maximal experience.

    An attentive and welcoming listening is offered to help analysands to deal with demands, and to help to understand their conflicts, desires and suffering.

    Psychoanalysis is a path to self-knowledge, transformation and freedom in a space of trust, respect and confidentiality, where patients can express themselves freely and find new ways of dealing with their issues.


    A specialised and comprehensive treatment is offered to everyone struggling with emotional and psychological challenges.

    Through a dynamic journey, clients are guided towards self-knowledge in a trusted, respectful, and confidential environment.

    Encouraging open expression, we empower individuals to discover new coping mechanisms and effectively address their troubles.

    At the Psychoanalysis Clinic, you won’t be given opinions, suggestions and magic solutions to your problems, instead, we work together to find a way out to your problems.

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