Melanie Klein - An Introduction

3rd August 2024 at 4 pm

Event Overview:

This event aims to provide participants with a comprehensive introduction to Melanie Klein’s psychoanalytic theories and techniques.

Date & Time:

– Date: 3rd August 2024
– Time: 4pm to 4.30pm (GMT)
– Duration: 30 minutes

Location: Online

Event Highlights:

    Biographical Background:

      • Participants will learn about Melanie Klein’s life, including her upbringing, education, and professional journey in psychoanalysis.
      • Emphasis will be placed on understanding how Klein’s personal experiences influenced her theoretical framework.

      Early Childhood Development:

        • Exploration of Klein’s unique perspective on early childhood development, focusing on the importance of the infant’s relationship with the mother and primary caregivers.
        • Discussion on how Klein’s theories diverge from Freudian psychoanalysis, particularly concerning the Oedipus complex and the role of aggression.

      Object Relations Theory:

        • Overview of Klein’s object relations theory, which emphasises the infant’s internal representations of relationships with others.
        • Explanation of concepts such as “good breast” and “bad breast,” and their impact on the formation of the psyche.

        Why Attend:

        • Gain a deeper understanding of Melanie Klein’s psychoanalytic theories and their relevance to clinical practice.
        • Explore alternative perspectives in psychoanalysis beyond the Freudian framework.
        • Enhance therapeutic skills by learning about Kleinian techniques for working with clients, particularly children.

        Who Should Attend:

        – Psychologists and Psychiatrists.

        – Psychotherapists and Counsellors.

        – Students and Researchers.

        – Educators and Social Workers.

        – Individuals with Personal Interest.

        – Register online by clicking the link below.
        – Registration fee: Free
        – Limited seats available, so reserve your spot early!

        Psychoanalyst Simone Miranda

        The Psychoanalysis Clinic

        Final Note:
        Although the psychoanalyst speaks a perfect English, she still has a foreign accent.

        Don’t miss this unique opportunity to explore the depths of the human mind and gain valuable insights into psychoanalysis. Reserve your spot today!

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